Stanley Bridge resort wedding reception 2
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Create Unique Guest Experiences

Making certain aspects of your wedding reception different and unique will definitely give a great guest experience. In this case, the groom had a cigar and whiskey bar for the everyone. It was a huge hit with the guests and he had 4 different kinds to choose from. It was awesome to be able to stand near the bar and get guest reactions and laughter. The room where the dancefloor is at Stanley Bridge Resort is a nice size. The dining room where guests eat is even bigger and holds many people which is great if you have a long wedding guest list. Make sure when hiring your band or DJ that you ask around to get referrals. It's no fun when the dancefloor is empty most of the night. You want it busy so that your pictures with show everyone having a grand time. The live band that I totally recommend for weddings is The Wannabeez because they really get the crowd on their feet moving and dancing the night away. I also tell my clients to ask their venue who they recommend because they would have experience with a wide range of vendors and would know who does their jobs really well.

Location: 10090 PE-6, Kensington, PE C0B 1M0.