PEI Brewing Company Wedding Government House 3
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Bridesmaid fun at Government House for this PEI wedding

This image was actually one of the Bridesmaid's ideas. She asked if they could try it and since I am always game to try something new in wedding photography, I immediately said yes. This image was one of about 10 that I took during the sequence of throwing the leaves up. This was the only image where a leaf was not blocking the bride's face. This is called the art of getting lucky :) We photographed most of the wedding party and some couple images here at Government House near Victoria Park in Charlottetown. The area really has beautiful light and in the summer, their gardens are immaculate. But this is an image where we could have been in a parking lot and it still would have worked out because I got down low enough to eliminate any distractions behind the girls. As long as the emotion and the lighting are perfect, I'm a happy wedding photographer. It's great to be able to have a mixture of both directed wedding imagery and spur of the moment candid shots. A great wedding photographer will be able to seamlessly go back and forth between the two but also be able to make your directed/posed shots fun for the couple and the wedding party.

Location: 96 Kensington Rd, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7Z7.