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Live Band at PEI Brewing Company Wedding

There is nothing like a great dance on the dance floor at a wedding. Especially when there is a live band and the live band for this wedding was the fabulous Wannabeez on PEI. The dance floor was literally packed all night which made for such a great vibe for the night. When choosing between a live band or a DJ is can be a hard decision. I always recommend talking to others who have had a certain DJ or band at their own wedding. Recommendations and referrals will go a long way in your decision. Also, speak with the venue themselves. In this case, the PEI Brewing Company hosts 2-3 weddings each weekend - more in the peak summer wedding season. They would have a unique insight into who is really really great in terms of providing music at your wedding reception. In fact, they would know a lot of different vendors that they have worked with before and could easily give you a referral list. When choosing your wedding photographer, ask to see dance floor images and determine if the photographers get right into the action so that your images will really showcase the emotion and amount of fun everyone had at your wedding.

Location: 96 Kensington Road, Charlottetown, PE Canada C1A 5J4.