PEI Brewing Company Wedding 11
Barbara Ann Studios
PEI Weddings

Wedding pictures alongside the Delta Hotels Prince Edward on the Charlottetown waterfront area

Most times during your couple portrait session, I will give the couple direction in order to get the style, the emotion and aesthetic for their wedding imagery. Very few images are actually posed like how you would imagine them traditionally to be. I find if I give a couple something to do and be very specific with my direction, I get more authentic emotion and the image appears much more believable. I just make sure that the couple is in the right light to make them pop on the picture. In this case, the couple were asked to hold hands and travel towards the edge of the pier towards the sun setting. In my head I knew I was going to make them as a silhouette in the image so that I could capture the clouds in the sky as well as they warmth of the sun setting. I actually laid down on the ground so that I could get a better and different perspective and incorporate the adirondack chairs that were off to the right side. This image was taken downtown Charlottetown right beside the Delta Hotel (a popular venue for weddings). However, this couple had their reception at the PEI Brewing Company.

Location: 18 Queen St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4A1.