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Wedding Day Jewelry

It is the smallest of moments that become the most cherished sometimes. Such as in this image, the mother putting on her daughter's wedding necklace after she gets dressed in her wedding gown. There is something so tender about this act and I never tire of it each time I photograph a wedding. Some bride's purchase a new piece for their day, some receive it as a gift from their partner for the wedding,  and some borrow it from a relative such as a mother or grandmother as a keepsake. Whether or not you choose to wear jewelry is personal but most of my brides wear something such as a bracelet, earrings or a necklace. During the part of the wedding day when the bride is getting ready, I simply place them in great light so I can photograph them from all angles and not have to ask them to move at all. I simply capture the moments as they unfold in front of me. This part of the wedding day typical feels like it is going very slow for most couples. It is after the ceremony when they feel things are going very fast. Just remember to take breathers throughout the day and take in all the details in front of you.

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