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There is something so magical about what is grown on the island. My favorites are wheat, barley and canola because of the colours. Just make sure you have permission from the land owners to start walking on someone's crops. In this particular image, the bride was on her grandfather's property and so we were given full access to anywhere. The only direction given to the couple was to walk hand in hand and keep looking at each other. In this particular series, the couple received about 7 unique shots from our time spent in the field. Not all wedding photography has to be posed. A lot of times, one just needs to receive a little bit of direction and let the magic unfold. Very few of my images are completely and specifically posed. Many moments during the day are just spontaneous candids or instances where I gave direction to the couple and/or wedding party. My goal is to shoot through the scene and capture the best possible moments within it.What I love about this image are the contrasting colors. The fact that the sky was starting to turn and it was a deep blue, contrasted with the green of the trees alongside the yellow of the wheat in the field. Direction given to the couple is important, but so is the composition and light.

Location: 4 Sydney St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1E9.