Culinary Institute wedding outdoors waterfront
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I can be sneaky when I want to on a wedding day. I often ask the couple to kiss when they reach near the end of the aisle. I love this one because almost always, the guests turn around as they walk by and you end up with an image with guests faces, clapping and laughing as you and your partner kiss for the second time. Conversely, I take your first kiss from the side of the officiant so that I get your kiss but also all the faces from your guests as you  make it official. Of course framing this kind of image is equally important because so much goes into photographing a wedding - lighting, composition, emotion, movement, etc. Something new that has been happening for a few years when it comes to ceremonies are unplugged weddings. It happens at least once per wedding for me - a guest ruins one of my shots by either holding their iphone up or ipad up and it blocks usually the bride or grooms face during a crucial moment during the ceremony. Additionally, there are times I do not photograph with flash once the processional is complete and I use ambient lighting in order to show the mood of the church. However, it never fails that a guest's flash ruined my shot by overexposing it. Please consider having an unplugged wedding because you would much rather have images of  your guests smiling as they witness your vows with their own eyes instead of a device.

Location: 4 Sydney St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1E9.