Culinary Institute wedding bride getting ready
Barbara Ann Studios
PEI Weddings

Candid Wedding Photos are often thought ahead

I love the nervous and excitement at a wedding during the time that the bride and the groom are getting ready. Most of this time are carefully thought out times I need to photograph and the other time is spent waiting for moments to occur naturally and be ready for them. In this instance, the bride was getting touch  ups to her hair and I knew when she was finished, she would walk past this mirror. I waited patiently for the hair dresser to finish and then waited for the bride to move.  I definitely had in my head that I wanted to get the bride reflected in the mirror close to the bevelling and have her out of focus in the foreground. This would give me "three" brides. Actually it would give me four because her graduation picture is on the mantel reflected in the mirror. So even though this image looks like it was purely candid and I was lucky to get it, it was in fact the opposite. I had to predict that she would walk this way instead of the other way. I also had to time the shot so that I lined up everything I wanted to include such as her, the reflection in the bevel and the graduation picture of her in the reflection. So you can see that I put a lot of thought into my 'candid' moments :) 

Location: 4 Sydney St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1E9.