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Barbara Ann Studios
Barbara Ann Studios

Best Canadian Wedding Photographer travels to Ottawa, PEI and NS

While I never take a picture where the only intent is for competition. My clients always come first and I take pictures for them. However, it is really fab when your peers recognize the work you have created at weddings. When I submit my work to competition, it makes me work that much harder at each and every wedding and the people that benefit are my clients and their families. I am finding my awards are becoming more and more candid in nature, which is awesome. I am constantly hyper aware during the entire day of emotional moments and trying to anticipate things that might happen (like parents crying, etc). Children are so unpredictable too! At some point during the wedding, kids just become themselves and do crazy things! When searching for your wedding photographer, you are going to have a list of local photographers to search from (or maybe your photographer does not live in the same city or Province as you). No matter how many awards a photographer has accumulated, just go with the style and personality that you love the most. You definitely will not be disappointed in the results if you choose your wedding photographer based on those criteria.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.