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Stonefield's Heritage Farm Wedding Photographer in Ottawa

There is something special about a loving relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild. I live for moments like these because it reminds me of the relationship I had with my Nanny. The bride and groom were enjoying some Gelato and the grandfather was walking towards her. As soon as she turned around, her started to tear up and by the end, all of us were crying. These are the moments that are not on any wedding list but are so special the minute you receive it in your pictures or the photographer shows you the back of the camera to show the moment captured. I actually hunt for moments like these at every wedding because I truly believe they are so important. Even though I photograph formal family portraits, it is extremely important to capture these candid moments to cherish forever. I absolutely love this venue. It is an old restored barn that is just stunning and romantic. Stephanie and Steve truly outdid themselves in the decor and restoration. If you are looking for a wedding venue and love the outdoor, please make this a stop on your must see list. They just finished extending the side balcony into the yard.