Lansdowne Horticultural Building wedding bride groom 2
Barbara Ann Studios

Ottawa Wedding Photographer at Lansdowne Horticultural Building

Whenever possible, take advantage of the structures near your reception area or where you choose to get your wedding portraits done. Your photographer should have a keen eye and see the possibilities for imagery.  For t his particular image, the sun was setting and we were on our last beams of light. Plus, Lansdowne park was helping to illuminate the couple. My goal was to have the structure take your eye directly to the couple because of the leading lines created by the composition. The venue where this couple had their reception was the Lansdowne Horticultural building. It is a beautiful old building that is a blank canvas for your wedding vision. The possibilities are literally endless when in comes to decorating this space. I just love it when clients utilize uplighting to give the space pops of colour. Of course, the flower accents you choose to use will add another dimension of color for your wedding reception as well. This space is really big for those weddings that have a high guest count and because of the size of this space, your guests wont be tripping over each other. Definitely take a look at this space when considering your wedding venue. You will have to bring in outside catering however.

Location: 1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3.