Landsdowne Horticultural Building wedding bride groom
Barbara Ann Studios

Horticultural Building, Lansdowne Wedding

I really believe in trying to capture the wedding venue you have for your wedding day with hopefully the couple incorporated into it somehow. You chose your venue because you fell in love with it so it is awesome to showcase you both in a big setting type image. I call these little people, big scene type shots. For this particular image, I simply asked the couple to walk along the road leading up to their reception venue and I waited until they were illuminated by the street lights. You really get a sense of how grand the venue is when you can get these types of shots. I took advantage of the steep hill in order to get myself a lot higher than the couple to really showcase the area. I always suggest to my clients to take 10 minutes away from your reception to go outside with me and take some night time images. This is a fabulous time for you and your spouse to relax just the two of you. The reception is full of conversations and dancing and before you know it, it's ended. Take these quiet moments to reflect on your wedding day and each other.

Location: 1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3.