destination wedding in caribbean with veil
Barbara Ann Studios

Destination Wedding in Mexico

I love photographing details at a wedding and your details do not have to stop at your wedding table centres or your rings. I used my macro lens in this photograph to get a close up of the bride's stunning eyes as well as her bird cage veil. In the resulting image, I made sure to align her eye in one of the openings of the veil. This draws the viewers eyes directly to hers. Her eye was lit with beautiful window light. I typically only go away twice per year down south for destination Caribbean weddings so make sure you book early. You definitely get your money's worth when I go down with you to document your wedding because I photograph multiple events (not just the wedding day). If you are considering a Caribbean wedding, please contact me early enough to secure your dates. Whoever you hire, make sure they are very skilled with bright sun conditions! In fact, when looking at a photographers portfolio, look for the light. Is the light flattering? Does it sculpted a person's face/body? Is it beautifully back lit? Educate your self as a wedding consumer and look for those details when considering your wedding photographer.