Banff Wedding tunnel mountain Mt Norquay 17
Barbara Ann Studios

Canmore and Banff Wedding Photographer

This photo is all about catching a moment I did not think was going to happen but being prepared for anything. I made sure my lights were perfectly placed prior to the bouquet toss and positioned myself in order to get a girl catching it. I honestly did not expect this expression at all but it is hands down one of my favorite images from my years of wedding photography. Not every bride does a bouquet toss; I'd say about half of my clients still keep this tradition. Whatever you choose to do, just have fun with it! It's your wedding and you do not have to stick to century old traditions. I'm a firm believer in making your own traditions if you want to for your wedding. For example, one wedding I photographed had very little single guests (most were married) so the couple decided that during a slow dance they would have the DJ slowly asked couples of specific ages to gradually leave the dance floor. The end was result was the bride's grandparents being the last couple remaining on the dance floor and her grandmother received the bouquet. It was a beautiful moment to document and watch.