Funny family pictures at strathmere wedding
Barbara Ann Studios

Strathmere Candid Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers should be great enough to capture moments that are not on any couple's wedding photo list. Most times, the best moments during a wedding are not posed or directed and just occur naturally. I love getting these types of moments at a wedding because it really shows the characters and personalities of your wedding party and guests. This moment had everyone in stitches laughing and I was there to capture it and photograph through the scene as it unfolded in front of me. When choosing a wedding photographer, make sure to look through their online portfolio for these types of moments because they are important. It is not all just about the pretty decor and couple portraits, it really is about the family and friends you chose to witness the beginning of your marriage as you say your vows to each other. These types of candid moments happen throughout your wedding day from getting ready to late night dancing on the dance floor. In fact, candid wedding imagery will make up most of your images from the day when you get them given to you by your wedding photographer. These moments are great framed or simple arranged throughout your wedding album.

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