Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Barbara Ann Studios
Restaurant 18

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year to photograph weddings. Maybe it is because of the colors or the crisp fresh air, or maybe it is really because not every one in the wedding party has sweat coming down their face. Regardless of the reason, I am drawn to Autumn in the Capital. This image is a 'standard" wedding image I love to take. I asked them to give me their coolest (and sexiest) look while I was lying down on the ground. The beauty of this angle is that our eyes gradually rise up the stark contrast of the suits against the bright colors of the leaves. Immediately after this image, I asked the wedding party to walk towards me. If my clients want a downtown/Parliament look in their images, I always suggest Major's Hill park because you get a park like setting with Parliament and the Library in the background. Additionally, it is the perfect spot for a sunset. Immediately around the corner is the stunning backdrop of the Chateau Laurier as well.

Location: Major's Hill Park.