February 27, 2020

Ottawa Family Photography – The Time Is Now

Why I hired a family photographer and you should to.

Recently my family and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic and the only purchase I made was hiring another photographer to capture our family images. I don’t regret it one bit! And if I’m being honest, I might have also bought a cheesy frame. The frame just added a certain je ne sais quoi…

Now frame aside, there is a reason that was my only purchase. I believe documenting your family is such an important ritual. Looking back at baby pictures and reminiscing over photographs of our children is something most of us have done and will continue to do.

As time passes, you and your family will grow and change together. That is why it is so important to book annual family photo sessions. You would be surprised what the camera captures when you’re documenting your family once a year. Some of the changes are physical, and some are beyond that. From year to year, you might even notice a growth in the bond between yourself, your children and your fur babies!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s life or the details that keep us from saying yes to ourselves. So let me answer some frequently asked questions that might just make booking a family photo session a little easier!

1. What does family photography entail?

I offer both extended and mini family sessions. The extended session is approximately an hour, and ideal when younger kids are in the mix. I also offer mini sessions, which are around 20 minutes, sometimes thematic, and can be typically booked May to September.

Whether you choose to book an extended or mini session my goal is always the same. To capture you in this moment. If you’ve got little ones, don’t fret! Because when you’re relaxed, they’re relaxed. Bring bubbles, bring snacks, and bring their favorite toys. This will help us get in a groove and document what your everyday life is really like! And yes, fur babies count as little ones too. I love working with families who have dogs. Our pups are just what we need to keep us from getting nervous with a camera in our face.

2. What is the best place to do a family photo session?

The answer is simple. Wherever there is good light. I always like to suggest a park close by, downtown Ottawa, or someplace urban. Another great place is wherever you are comfortable. That could even be your own home!

3. What should we wear?

When getting prepped for your family session, I recommend wearing solid colors. However, if you have the perfect print dress or dress shirt in mind – go ahead and show it off! One lucky family member can wear their favorite print, while the others wear complimentary colors. If you still need help coordinating outfits, don’t worry! Feel free give me a call and I’ll be your complimentary style advisor. Or if you’re a visual learner, keep scrolling down for great examples on what your family can wear.

Ready to make some memories? Send me a note at: info@barbara-ann-studios.com.

PS: Stick around to see some of our family photos from our trip at the very end! Big thank you to Tropical Studios Punta Cana!


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