February 14, 2019

Emily and Sean, Destination Wedding in Mexico

A little sprinkle of rain just prior to the ceremony made for a fabulous cloudy contrast in the sky setting the mood for this cozy wedding.

Emily and Sean got married in a gorgeous resort down south in Mexico. Everything from the design of the invites, to the details in the boys suits was perfectly planned. The day started with the girls getting their hair and make up done by a good friend. The boys of course relax by the pool with beers in hand. Why does that always happen?

Emily and Sean opted to have a first look which is always a great option because the sunsets are so early down south. All day we were expecting torrential downpour and as luck would have it we avoided it completely. There was a little bit of sprinkle of rain just prior to the ceremony which made for a really fabulous cloudy contrast in the sky.

Hanging with the people in the wedding party was absolutely amazing and they had me in stitches all day. A huge shout out to Chase for helping me hold Sean’s suit during portrait sessions. The wedding party had such a positive and upbeat vibe for the entire day and it lasted to the wee hours in the morning.

What really impressed me by the entire wedding party including the parents was their calmness throughout the entire week. They were so welcoming and they made the wedding day such a breeze to photograph and document. Everyone that I came in contact with were truly great humans.


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