February 2, 2020

Best of PEI Engagement Photos

A collection of some of my favourite images in PEI for engaged couples.

Beautiful beaches, sandy shores, a romantic sunset… That’s what I call a dream engagement session! But I’ll let you in on a secret. Great Light. A ray of sunlight here and a touch of crashing surf there, and now you have the recipe for photographic success.

Here are a couple reasons why an engagement session is an important part of wedding photography.

1. A Practice Run – It’s not every day your hair will be in a beautiful updo or elaborate curls. And I bet you it’s also not every day you try to wear eyelash falsies. Use trial runs to give your makeup artist and hair stylist an idea of what you like and make sure they’ve got it down pat for your big day. Gentlemen, I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s not too late to perfect the Windsor knot, so get practicing.

2. Getting to Know Each Other – Let’s spend time together. This is the best way for you both and your photographer to get used to each other, as well as find out what your needs are for your wedding day.

One of my favourite parts of an engagement session has always been getting to know you beyond your wedding day. I know you may be nervous at first, but I will have you relaxed and trusting in no time. During the session, I give a lot of direction and help you prepare for your wedding day (I’ve got plenty of tips and tricks up my sleeves!). In the end, we will have walked, talked, and enjoyed the amazing PEI scenery, and you will take home some timeless memories for the years to come.


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