December 19, 2018

Alyssa and Morgan Same Sex Wedding

Climbing ladders to capture this beautiful love from every angle.

Alyssa and Morgan let me take them under my wedding wing and together we created their beautiful wedding. Now, all I did was help them along with the certain nuances of what happens during a wedding day. They and their families provided all the rest of the magic including the amazing decor that took Alyssa’s dad close to a year to create. It was absolutely stunning and I’m so happy that their barn wedding became more than just a reality – it became a fantasy.

Photographing this wedding was extremely easy as I was taken right into both families right from the get go. The girls were up for anything I asked and before I knew it I was climbing ladders to capture the love from every angle.

If you know me you know I’m a big believer in all kinds of unions between people. To me it does not matter if you are the same gender. To me, we are all just humans and we should treat each other equally.


  • Ken-Beaudry-Hum | February 18, 2019

    Being Married to my husband ,Paul Beaudry , Barbara you have the epic artistry and talent to caprure Love between Two people. 👬😘👭 “ LOVE IS LOVE “ Ken & Paul Beaudry-Hum

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