A Portrait in the Chateau Laurier
Barbara Ann Studios

A Portrait in the Chateau Laurier

The setting and background typically decide how formal an image can or should be. There is a hallway in the Chateau Laurier that runs alongside the ballroom and the Laurier room. Near the doors to go outside onto the balcony is a nice sitting area where I had the couple sit for a chance to relax first and then one or two images. The formal background setting really gave way to a formal serious portrait. I actually had the couple smile first and I took that image but when I saw it on the back of my camera, I felt that it really didn't match the background. I used off camera lighting for this image, changed up their pose/hand placement quickly and asked them to not smile. The result to me is a portrait with a timeless quality to it. The clothing gives away the decade but I feel that the portrait style posing, the color and the lighting give it the look of an image taken many decades ago. 

Location: Chateau Laurier.