Night Time Star engagement Shot
Barbara Ann Studios

Yes this is one image. It is not two or three images combined into a composite. It took us 20 minutes to get it right and nail the shot and when I say us I really mean me. My flashes are behind the couple with coloured red gels on them knowing that I was going to get a silhouette of the couple. The hardest part is waiting for the wind to die down and stop moving the trees and for the couple to remain absolutely still during the time the shutter was opened to expose for the stars. These types of shots really only look great and work out in the country because it has the lowest level of light pollution. When I am photographing a wedding in the country, away from the city, I LOVE to end the night photographing them in a situation such as this. The weather has to cooperate though and sometimes mother nature is unpredictable. 

Location: Kemptville, Ontario.