Groom and his boys at Majors Hill Park
Barbara Ann Studios

Groom and his boys at Majors Hill Park

Ah the boys. The boys, the boys, the boys. We love them but have to put up with their shananigans on wedding day. Actually I love putting up with their shenanigans. I have a household of boys that's why. These boys were terrific and did absolutely anything I asked of them. For this image, I laid down on the ground and asked the boys to just walk towards me. I love this angle. The funny thing is, when I had the girls replicate the same image, I had a groomsman spoon me as I was shooting. Yup. I was spooned. Got a wicked shot but it was slightly uncomfortable. What I leo about this image is that the bous almost mimic the tree line and  not one of them is looking directly at me. This image was taken at Major's Hill Park right behind the Chateau Laurier.

Location: Major's Hill Park.