Barbara Ann Studios

I love HBO. I love the shows they produce and feature. I wanted to emulate an HBO type show with dark and serious tones. Fortunately (or unfortunately), this wedding had a fire alarm go off during their wedding and a HAZMAT team arrive on site. We were forced to think out side of the box and with the weather pouring outside, it wasn't easy. Finally we were let inside the hotel and I had this image of something serious given the situation. HBO came to mind. The wedding party was awesome to work with and I even had one groomsman shout "ok guys I know what she is doing. Just listen to her!" The resulting shot was this serious, yet stylistic wedding party image. However, we didn't stay serious for too long. It was an amazing party and they had to kick us out of the hotel it was that good and went for that long. I love receptions like that.

Location: Delta City Centre, Ottawa.