1. Night Time Star engagement Shot
  2. A Fther seeing his daughter for the first time as a bride
  3. A Portrait in the Chateau Laurier
  4. Groom and his boys at Majors Hill Park
  5. Top-wedding-photographer-in-Canada
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  10. Bridemaids in the Garden
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  17. Parents Boogie Too
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I absolutely love photographing weddings. No two weddings are alike, even if they are in the same venue and around the same time of year. Each couple and their guests react differently, have different decor and envision their wedding day unfolding uniquely. This is the beauty of weddings. In this gallery you will see some of my favorite images. Some have won awards and some have not. In my mind, awards are great but they are not the end all, be all. While it is nice to get recognized by my peers and have images given awards, it is not necessary for my clients. More often than not, their favorite images are not award winning. Personally, on e of my favorite wedding images from my own wedding is just a simple portrait of me with my grandmother. It would not have won awards but it holds so much sentimental value to me. While I know how to rock a pose, I also know how to expect the unexpected on your wedding day and get those unconventional shots and those sentimental moments. I give a lot of direction on the day of your wedding which is why most of my images may appear like I just caught a moment, but I more than likely stirred the pot a bit to make it happen. Very little time during the day is actually posed. Most of the time, I give the couple or the wedding party something to do and I wait for those moments to unfold during the action, all the while making sure everyone is having a great time.